Morfis is a designlab for buildings and urban ensembles, but also a curious group that researches, connects, communicates and invents. 
Collaboration with thinkers and doers from other disciplines is customary for us. We are able to realise complex tasks within set budgets and on time, and above all, we love working within our profession. 
The Morfis team consists of professionals who are active in various fields, such as architectural design and urban planning, environment and sustainability. 
Morfis employees have in common the passion for their field and the fact that they have a good dose of practical experience. This makes the team widely and efficiently deployable.

Where to find us:

Our boat is located in the canal, opposite Groenewegje 145 in The Hague.
You can send classic mail to:
Wagenstraat 151w
2512AV The Hague

or call us: +31(0)624658133